Gallery Work-slide show


each piece

The slide show is just a fun overview of my work with some great music by BNL. 


Each piece you see in the slide show and more are shown individually on the next pages with sizes, names and selling price.  Handsome one-of-a-kind pieces can be created for you by emailing me. The name of the piece you like will give me an idea of where to start.  You will not be disappointed!

my email address is:

Raku-the process

In my raku firing, when glazes reach maturation and are molten, (1750° F) I use long tongs to pull each from the kiln, placing them in flammable material which bursts into flame. The pots are covered and smoked.  This makes the swirls of brilliant metallic color unique to each piece.

I build my own kilns, make my own glazes and fire each piece with recycled materials. The honest collaborating between myself and this process has intrigued me for over 30 years.

Currently my work can be ordered by emailing me or in these very cool places:

pARTiculars Gallery in Old Town Lafayette, CO

The Evergreen Gallery, downtown Evergreen, CO

Wild Side Gallery, 1000 Duval, Key West, FL

Gilpin County Arts, 117 Eureka St. Central City, CO