Raku Aspen Vases


Aspen trees of Colorado have been an inspiration to me. You will discover each of my Aspen vases is unique even as it resembles all the others, just like the trees themselves in nature. My vases in groups convey the essence of single-rooted mountain groves. Tenacious in holding mountain slopes, these groves revive after fire, sheltering fire-quickened evergreen seedlings. My vases are a metaphor for this process of deep importance for life in Colorado. In 2012 the 15” vase was selected as the commissioned art for the Ride the Rockies event, 60 of them given as thank you gifts to donors and supporters of the race.

Please use a liner in my “ Trees of Grace” vases if you place live flowers in them, as water will seep through the low-fire raku clay.  They are now available as: boxes, candle holders and large wall or bookshelf sculptures. Aslo available in small $29 5-6” size- not pictured.


Trees of Grace