Living with stoneware such as plates, mugs, bowls covered dishes and planters enhances the experience and thus the taste of everything you cook, taste or grow.  It may be a small thing, but I find myself searching for the certain form that I want to use at that time for that purpose.  Maybe you are the same. 

Right now I am working with a white and gold glaze (as on the mug) and a forest green (as on the plate and bowl) with blue glaze at the rim added if you wish.  You may order either.  I have imprinted many custom patterns for people, so that is a possibility also.

My stoneware is a nice warm buff color without glaze and lets the glazes show their true colors. You may also request porcelain.  I fire to 2200° F to give the work strength.  They are all food safe and can be used in the oven, dishwasher, or microwave.  Planters will last for years if they do not freeze and thaw when wet.

I hope you enjoy my work and that it contributes unique beauty to your world.

living with pottery